Payment Explained

Red Devils Froum is run by a team of volunteers and is paid for by myself, we do not want to be a site that plasters adverts everywhere as I and many others find google adverts etc ugly and not worth the effort, so to help us maintain an advert free site and to help with such things as hosting, we have created the Premium Members group, for anyone who donates £5 GBP using our paypal page you will become a Premium Member for 12 months and get the following perks

This form is to be used to make a donation to the site only.

• First ten people to purchase will get their own email address
• Donators rank and gold coloured username
• Donators medal
• Access to our arcade
• Access to our radio
• Access to personnal photo album
• Your own userbar with your post count on
• 250 PM allowence instead of standard 50
• Extra posting and user permissions, access to our restricted section
• Plus more rewards to be added soon....

Payment Form

Please use this form here to make a paypal payment, if you are using a different email from the one you used to registered here, please contact the administrator to inform them of the payment.

Please use a decimal point (not a comma) as the separator, e.g. 3.50